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2726 Shelter Island Dr, Ste#182

San Diego, CA 92106


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Marine Surveyors

Marine Surveys Southern California

Billy Fox, in San Diego, offers marine surveying services throughout Southern California.

Yachts and Small Craft Safety and Structural Inspections and Reports.

He is part of the National Association of Marine Surveyors and is a Certified Marine Surveyor.

Mr. Fox has over 20 years experience and 130,000 miles at sea under his belt.


Yvonne S.

Fraud flat out liar
Reviewed by Yvonne S. in San Diego, Ca on 05/01/2021

I hired Billy Fox survey for a insurance request. He did not show up a guy with a iPhone did. He did not have paper, pen or recorder. I was like wow this guy MUST have a memory. He took a few pictures one of the survey I got 5/13 at purchase of vessel. He did not ask a single question. Did not test anything or ask 1 questionabout vessel. I ask him "dont you, he wouldn't let me ask and he said not neccessary for insurance. Ok but a final review of survey it look way too familiar IN fact it was word for word from the one I got in 2013. Excluding the original surveyors name billys was in place of it. Billy lives and is in Florida trying to do surveys in California. I was upset for him wasting my time and billing me for it.i immediately informed him i did not except his survey and refuse to use or be billed. Do not use this guy unless, YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE he will be as crooked as you want. He is for "SALE". Yvonne S/V ADELL

Yvonne S.

Fraud, flat out liar
Reviewed by Yvonne S. in San Diego, Ca on 05/01/2021

I hired billy fox survey for a insurance survey, he sent out a guy Doug who was at my 1974 45' vessel for 86 minutes. Took a few pics 1 of the survey I got 5/13 when I purchased her. He did not ask me one question about my refit. Did not test anything, I do know his delivery stories since that is all he talked about. Next thing I know billy wrote up survey from his desk in FLORIDA.! Did i mention I am in san diego CA. The worst part is he copied the old survey word for word and then put his name on it. The boat had a complete electronic system refit as well as upgrade thruogh out. He didn't list item at all. It was like the boat had nothing done to her in 8 yrs. He is Bullshit

Mark C.

On Point
Reviewed by Mark C. in San Diego, Ca on 01/24/2018

Billy is one of the most knowledgeable guys on any boat and or dock. He knows boats at all levels. From his passion for playing on them to his huge body of information about them. If you want to know exactly what is going on with your vessel have Billy aboard for an inspection or day a sea.

KrisSea N.

Yacht Survey
Reviewed by KrisSea N. in Phoenix, Az on 08/31/2017

Billy Fox surveyed our sailboat, a 40 foot bluewater cruiser. His service was excellent, and we highly recommend him. He was prompt, courteous, and informative. This guy clearly knows what he is doing and what he is talking about. We are almost a half of a year into ownership, and we knew exactly what we were getting into thanks to him. He painted a clear picture of what is going on with the vessel and there have been no surprises as we continue to replace and or repair all necessary items from our survey. We received a detailed copy of the survey promptly via email as promised with full availability for any questions. Billy was active with our sea trial, experiencing all facets of our sail for a detailed report. He came recommended from a repairman from our previous boat, and was well respected by our brokerage outfit as well. Billy is heads and shoulders above the rest.

Brandon B.

Poor customer service and disorganized
Reviewed by Brandon B. in SAN DIEGO, CA on 06/02/2016

Called for a survey on the recommendation of a friend. He forgot to email us about setting up an appointment and I had to follow up with him. He was unavailable to do a two hour long survey for at least two weeks. We made an appointment and he showed up 5 minutes early. Came up to the gate to let him in 10 min. after the appointment was scheduled to be gin and he was not there. He did not respond to texts or phone calls. Just picked up and left.

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