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Prescott, AZ 86305


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About Martec Sailboat Propellers

Martec Engineering, now located in Prescott, Arizona, is a full-service manufacturer and expert marine propeller repair facility. Martec is a member of both Sail America and the National Marine Propeller Association.

Martec specializes in performance folding, geared folding and feathering propellers whether you race or cruise we have a propeller for you. We provide refurbishing service for our Martec folding propellers, along with Slipstream geared folding, and Autostream feathering propellers.

We are the North American Distributor for Seahawk products, i.e. 2 & 3 blade Slipstream geared folding propellers and Autostream 3-blade feathering propellers.

Martec will also be selling a limited supply of re-manufactured folding propellers, as well as, selling zincs and various other related parts.

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