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"If You Broke It, We Can Fix It"

1620 SW 3rd Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315


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Design • Fabrication • Anchors

About MetalworX

MetalworX was created to provide premium quality machining, fabricating, and welding for all your needs. We work with many materials including stainless steel, aluminium, cupro-nickel, steel, brass, bronze, Nylon, and Delrin. We also offer pipegrooving, threading, & stainless steel anchors. If you wish, will provide material cut to your needs. We keep a stock of most of the commonly used or requested materials. Our aim is to provide personal service and a first class product as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

We will work with your sketches, descriptions, photos, or drawings, or we will design what you want according to your specifications.

What we do

We have made a vast variety of products from a six-hundred and fifty pound polished stainless steel anchor to a tiny ratchet gear not much bigger than a quarter!

Our customers range from individuals with everything from broken auto parts to wrought iron furniture to mega yachts and businesses engaged in:

•Air Conditioning Service

•Aircraft Refuelling

•Anchor and Windlass Sales and Service

•Armature Repair

•Cabinet Makers

•Chain Supply

•Electrical Service

•Marine Hydraulics, Refits and Repairs

•Mega Yacht Management & International Supply

•Plant and Machinery Maintenance

•Rigging - Service, Installation & Repairs

Our Skillset

With our one-hundred and fifty ton press, we have straightened numerous bent anchors, removed seized shafts and bearings from all kinds of pumps, windlasses, housings and other equipment. We repair damaged motor shafts, keyways, bearing housings, stainless steel railings, and a huge variety of amazing items that customers bring in and will, most often, provide considerable savings over replacement costs if replacements are even available.

Most of what we deal with are one-off or relatively small quantities.

Please contact us for prices.


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