Providing Consumers With A 100% Natural Green Cleaning Product
Mighty Green

440 Fair Dr., Ste 200

Costa Mesa, CA 92646


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100% Green Superior Cleaning Power-Safe & Effective!

About Us...

Mighty Green is a company that has developed innovative technologies for residential and commercial cleaning products. These cleaning products are specifically designed to safely and effectively keep boats, yachts, homes, businesses, schools, medical facilities and industrial complexes clean, and are recognized by the EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) for using safer chemistry.


Jim G.

Green Cleaning Products That Really Work
Reviewed by Jim G. in Costa Mesa, Ca on 02/10/2017

As a person who cares about the environment I have tried many different so-called Green cleaning products, Finally I found Mighty Green and these products are 100% Environmentally Safe, Strong & Really get the Job Done

Sarah M.

Reviewed by Sarah M. in Newport Beach, Ca on 03/11/2015

I recently tried their multi-purpose cleaner and I love it! It worked so well! I was pleasantly surprised because, in my experience, "green" cleaners aren't very effective; I need something tough that can tackle kid-messes! I like the fact that it comes in a clear bottle, contains ZERO chemicals and chemical odors! I am so happy I found this product! FINALLY, something I feel comfortable using it around my kids & pets. I will be purchasing all of their degreaser, carpet, odor, toilet, glass and bathroom varieties!

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