Moger Yacht Transport & Yard

16911 S. Broadway

Gardena, CA 90248


About Moger Yacht

Moger Yacht Transport & Yard is located in Carson, California, catering to boaters and the marine industry. We provide Yacht Transporting, Yacht Deliveries, Storage, and Repairs.


Rob G.

Reviewed by Rob G. in Oxnard, Ca on 10/07/2021

My boat was in their posession for a few weeks while they transported across the US. It had no rats when I turned over posession. It arrived yesterday 6 October with a rat infestation and thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Eric W.

12 holes in my boat hull
Reviewed by Eric W. in Graham, Wa on 12/04/2019

I paid over 16600 to get my boat moved. When it arrived, the tires and pads were thru the hull. When unloaded more holes were added and never mentioned. No insurance coverage on this issue. I was told by an officer my boat was searched for drugs or other. Then declined to provide other information. Nothing was found. I searched for more info and found another customer stating this company ships drugs in your boat so the evidence can be focused on the owner.

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