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Manufacturing High Quality, Dependable Marine Pumps for over a century.
Oberdorfer Pumps

5900 Firestone Dr.

Syracuse, NY 13206


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Categories: Pumps

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Oberdorfer Pumps Corporation has a rich history of quality, ingenuity & service. The pump department of Oberdorfer Foundries was formed in 1890 when Moses L. Oberdorfer began manufacturing bronze pumps in a small factory on East Water Street in Syracuse, NY. Oberdorfer pumps were used to provide oil for lubrication of the engine cylinder walls for the very early automobile, aircraft & motor boat industries.

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AMC Cliffv's Marine Service LLCSeattleWAAuthorized Distributor


Oberdorfer Pumps has been manufacturing high-quality, dependable pumps for over 100 years. We manufacture gear pumps, centrifugal pumps, rubber impeller pumps, progressive cavity pumps, & roller pumps. Our industries span the Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, & Chemical Processing fields. In addition to our standard pumps, Oberdorfer can customize products to meet the specific needs of OEMs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, tradition & innovation, & choose only the finest quality distributors world-wide for our products.

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