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Over 50 Years of Tradition!
Pacific Mariners Yacht Club

13915 Panay Way

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


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Year Established 1963

Beautiful Facility, Great Social Club

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About Pacific Mariners Yacht Club

Located in the center of beautiful Marina del Rey, Pacific Mariners Yacht Club sets the standard for fun & yachting spirit on land & sea among Southern California Yacht Clubs. PMYC is a vibrant & true "Do-It-Yourself" yacht club created & maintained by boating enthusiasts.

Founded in 1963, with nearly 200 members, we actively engaged in racing, cruising, and community service activities. Our members are a diverse group brought together by their mutual enjoyment of yachting.

Affordable, yet selective, PMYC offers members, their families & guests facilities for leisure time activities & entertainment. We also provide our membership & visiting yachtsmen a safe haven & 24/7/365 Clubhouse

Guest Dock & Visitor Info

Pacific Mariners Yacht Club is a Member of the Yachting Club of America, and is listed in THE REGISTER OF AMERICAN YACHT CLUBS, "The Oldest Existing Yacht Club Register in America". PMYC happily extends full Reciprocity privileges to Members of participating, registered Clubs, including up to three (3) nights FREE dock usage at our Guest Dock, immediately in front of our Club facilities.
Reciprocity includes full use of club facilities during all hours of the day and evening. PMYC is a very popular stopping off location for Cruisers working their way north or south, up and down the west coast of the United States, as guests are always made to feel welcome, and to enjoy their time in the Los Angeles area.

Membership Information

PMYC is a do-it-yourself club, with no paid employees. All activities are handled by members on a volunteer basis. The club is open every day of the year. Activities include Friday night dinners, Monday night football, and parties for every occasion, with a cruising schedule from March through October. For more information about the club, please stop by and say HI! The Membership Chairman can be reached via email at:


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