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Sound Proofing • Thermal Insulation
SOS Marine Soundproofing & Insulation

1320 E. St. Andrews Place, Unit A

Santa Ana, CA 92705


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Marine • Industrial • Transportation

Marine Soundproofing

SOS Marine Soundproofing & Insulation, in Santa Ana, California, caters to boaters, fishermen, and the marine industry.


SOS Marine Soundproofing & Insulation specializes in Marine Insulation, Generator Sound Enclosures, Engine Room Noise Reduction Systems, Marine Exhaust Insulation & related products.


Custom sound enclosures for standby generators, air compressors, and machinery. Soft enclosures provide easy access for servicing the machinery, and will achieve 30 to 40 percent drop in Db noise pollution. SOS SOUND ENCLOSURES are custom fit to each machine, ensuring a close detailed fit, with access panels, existing wiring, and ventilation hoods for cooling and come in a variety of colors.

Sound attenuation products for engine rooms, machinery, standby generators, cabovers, and much more.


Newport N.

Marine Noise Reduction
Reviewed by Newport N. in Newport Beach, CA on 01/03/2012

Be sure to call SOS Marine Soundproofing if you've got a noisy engine room. They demo'd my engine compartment and re-installed brand new sound proofing. I was about to buy a new quieter generator and now that's not needed--saved me a bundle.


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