SailTime San Diego

2040 Harbor Island Dr., Ste 104

San Diego, CA 92101


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Affordable Flat Rate Sailing

About SailTime San Diego

Thank you for your interest in SailTime. We are excited about the prospects for the franchise and look forward to growing our membership.

The program is a legitimate alternative to boat ownership and will meet the needs of some sailors.

Enjoy a beautiful, well equipped sailboat without the expense or hassle of traditional ownership. SailTime is the global leader in fractional sailing with over thirty bases in the USA, Canada and Europe. Become a member on one of our 3 yachts and enjoy easy access to a new professionally maintained boat on your local waterway. Ideal for both new and seasoned boaters, SailTime makes time on the water simple and inexpensive. Our comprehensive training program ensures that anyone can use their boat safely with complete confidence.

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