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Through SeaNet’s Global, Regional, and VanDutch Programs, you can experience all the benefits of yacht ownership without the hassles of staffing, maintaining, or servicing your yacht. In addition, SeaNet’s programs provide global access to luxury yachts in the elite yachting destinations throughout the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and United States.

SeaNet delivers a five star service that aims to make your stay on board as memorable as possible. Whatever you desire, SeaNet knows how to make it come true. You are hassle-free the moment you set foot on your yacht. We serve your favorite meals and drinks, just the way you like them. We take care of your clothes and personal belongings. We plan and prepare your next trip. Our crew is omnipresent but invisible. Your privacy is guaranteed at all times!

Charter a VanDutch luxury yacht to enjoy an exclusive, luxury experience on water for a special event or celebration. Whether it's for a corporate event, a wedding, a private party or to use the boat as a superyacht tender, we have access to a fleet of beautifully maintained, stylish VanDutch yachts.

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