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Seakeeper, Inc.

45310 Abell House Lane, Ste 350

California, MD 20619


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Gyroscopic Stabilization


About Seakeeper

Seakeeper is the world leader in marine stabilization technology. Founded by a successful entrepreneur and a naval architect, Seakeeper’s innovative technology is revolutionizing the boating experience, virtually eliminating boat roll which is the primary cause of seasickness, fatigue, and anxiety. 

Seakeeper’s innovative motion control design improves the boating experience for veteran boaters and entices even the most reluctant novices to the water. The impact of Seakeeper on the boating community is escalating, with applications on all models from commercial and military to recreational segments.

Founded in 2003, Seakeeper invested in five years of R&D before introducing its first Seakeeper to the marketplace in 2008. In the last ten years, Seakeeper has grown from a start-up operation to the worldwide leader in vessel stabilization. Committed to research and development of new technologies, the firm continues to grow its product line, pioneering stabilization for smaller boats.


A Seakeeper is a computer-controlled gyroscope that eliminates up to 95% of boat roll. Its proprietary design, inspired by aerospace technology, centers on a powerful steel flywheel that spins at high speeds in a near vacuum, eliminating air friction and allowing weight, heat generation, and power consumption to be minimized. The technology works in all sea conditions, both at rest and underway. Completely self-contained, the Seakeeper produces no drag and, unlike fin stabilizers, has no risk of damage from impact or snag. A Seakeeper can be installed as a new build feature or can be retrofitted to virtually anywhere on the boat.


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