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Skipper Yacht Tenders

2000 South Federal Hwy.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


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Made In The USA


When the vision was cast for The Skipper models, Skip Reisert, Owner and Founder of The Skipper knew that it would surely be a success. After all, discerning captains, yachtsmen and boaters alike all want a vessel that exceeds their rigorous quality standards. The Skipper yacht tender models do that and more.

The Skipper yacht tenders have proven that quality of build, craftsmanship, durability and affordability are completely obtainable in a yacht tender without compromise. The Skipper line of tenders boasts superior quality that no other yacht tender can match, yet still keeps the unique sportiness only seen on The Skipper.

The Skipper line of custom inflatable yacht tenders is one of the hottest new inflatable tenders on the market. Skip Reisert, founder and president of Tender Care Boats in Fort Lauderdale was the visionary for this incredible line of tenders. Come see a Skipper for yourself at the Tender Care Boats dealership on US-1 in Fort Lauderdale and talk to Skip.


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