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Finest quality, most efficient, quietest, easiest to use water makers in the world
Spectra Watermakers

2220 S. McDowell Blvd. Ext.

Petaluma, CA 94954


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Division of the Katadyn Group

Categories: Water Makers

About Spectra Watermakers

Spectra Watermakers manufactures the most efficient, quietest, highest quality, and easiest to use water makers in the world. Reliability, innovation, and simplicity of design are the building blocks of our equipment. Spectra Watermakers' global reputation for after-sales support has made us the industry leader in energy efficient DC and AC desalination systems. Our product line ranges from hand operated desalinators that can make 6 gallons a day to our largest system that produces 10,000 gallons of fresh, potable water per day. Spectra Watermakers has the complete package: unparalleled engineering design, worldwide factory-trained sales and technical service network, and a foundation firmly rooted in excellent customer service. In 2015 we joined with the Katadyn Group, the world leader in portable water treatment systems to bring you the most reliable, energy-efficient, and service-backed water makers available.


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