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Spot Zero by Dometic

2786 SW 3 Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315


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Fresh Water Reverse Osmosis System


Spot Zero was conceived in 2006 to solve a demand for spot free water once and for all. Traditionally yachts would have the option of using a mobile water softener which will reduce or remove calcium and magnesium from the shore side water and replace those ions with sodium. By design, softeners will not remove or reduce the number of Total Dissolved Solids or (TDS) from the water which is why they cannot be considered a true "spot free" rinse. At the end of the day, TDS is what a water spot is made up of and so therefore to have a true "spot free" you must reduce or remove the TDS from the water. There are a couple of different ways to remove TDS from water, reverse osmosis, distillation, and deionization. We chose to use reverse osmosis because of it's cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance. The end result is a word of mouth phenomenon quickly spreading through the aftermarket and now into the standard specs of boat builders around the world.

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AMC Cliffv's Marine Service LLCSeattleWAAuthorized Distributor


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