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Steyr Monoblock Diesel Marine Engine Series
Steyr Motors

Im Stadtgut B1

Steyr, A-4407 Austria

+43 7252-222-0

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The STEYR MONOBLOCK DIESEL engine family consists of several design solutions which are the key for highest power density, reliability & safety in operation under all operational profiles & environments. The engines are specifically designed & built for Marine applications. Due to the exceptional robust cooling behavior & the reliable operation even with poor fuel qualities the STEYR MONOBLOCK engines achieved a unique image with boat manufacturers & operators around the world. The STEYR MONOBLOCK DIESEL is a highly efficient single casting from special high tensile alloy. The design shows a "free liner", with a uniform & most effective cooling jacket, valve seats from "Stellit" material, inserted valve guides. Due to the fact that the design is free from high torque cylinder head bolts & gasket there is no deformation to the roundness of the cylinders, no extra stress from different temperature levels. Only a STEYR MONOBLOCK DIESEL design offers an unlimited flow of cooling water to provide a uniform & effective cooling in the most critical upper section of the cylinder line, while conventional cylinderblock / cylinderhead designs always result in "hot spots" & extra stress due to different temperature levels & pre-stress from cylinderhead bolts.


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