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About Tidewater Trailers

Tidewater Trailers in located in Warminster, PA, has quickly become the premium trailer by which all others are measured. Our formula is a simple one:
Best Trailer ~ Best Service ~ Best Value
For you, that means first rate components & craftsmanship offered at a great price, backed up by a company that considers customer service its top priority. As our name implies, our products are designed for the harsher, tidal waters found in the coastal environment. Think of how they'll perform in fresh water as well.

Tidewater Trailers specializes in boat trailers from 14' to 32' in length. We offer galvanized or aluminum, bunk or roller. PWC & utility trailers also available. In our competitive industry, Tidewater has separated itself from those who claim that all trailers are the same. Yes, there can be similar features, but none give you the total package that Tidewater does. Giving the extra effort to provide a safe, enjoyable boating experience for our customers makes us proud.

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