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About Tint Protection

Marine window tinting is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your boat or vessel. But having your boat/yacht windows tinted is about more than enhanced aesthetics. Window film helps reduce glare from the water, increases privacy, and can give your boat's interior a layer of protection from fading and sun damage. Tint Protection is here to help! We give you the peace of mind to enjoy the view & natural light of our 365 days of Florida sunshine through your windows while keeping out the negative effects of solar radiation.

For over 30 years Tint Protection's owners Jorge Alvarez and Dennis Cupo have served South Florida selling window film for boats & yachts of all sizes, homes, buildings, offices, and cars. They are experts in every type of film from security window films to protect your home to decorative privacy films. Longtime Coral Springs, Parkland residents, they carry the very best in solar/security film 3M.

We cover the tri-county area of: Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

Professional Window Tint Benefits

5 Benefits of having Professional Window Tint Installed:
1) Heat Rejection
2) Reduces UV Light Exposure
3) Minimizes Glare
4) Daytime Privacy
5) Shatter Resistance

3M Prestige Dealer

Tint Protection is one of only a few select 3M Prestige Dealers. This allows them to sell the most unique film in the industry... the 3M Prestige Series! The first virtually clear film with both high heat and ultra violet rejection. Tint Protect carries a full array of films to suit your needs and your budget. Remove the heat, UV and glare from your boat or yacht, and if needed add extra security to the glass as an added benefit to protect against intruders and harsh weather.

The best film in the world means nothing if it isn't properly installed. Tint Protection's staff of factory trained and certified installers offer a polite and efficient process that compliments the film that they install. A fully bonded and insured company, 3M Tint Protection always offers free estimates at a time convenient to your schedule... call (954) 340-3400 today and start saving on air conditioning costs and protecting your vessel and it's furnishings tomorrow.


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