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The World's Toughest Boats.
Triumph Boats, LLC

700 Paul Larson Memorial Dr.

Little Falls, MN 56345


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Thank you for visiting More importantly, thank you for your years of impassioned ownership, fandom and dedication to Triumph, The World's Toughest Boats. We share in your appreciation for this unbelievable, battle-tested and unique craft.
It is with sadness that we announce that we have permanently ceased production of Triumph boats. With the recent relocation of the manufacturing operation to a sister production facility, combined with the sale of the facility in Little Falls, MN, we were unable to transfer the equipment and the unique manufacturing processes required to continue building Triumph boats.
Although we will no longer be producing new Triumph boats, we will continue to whole-heartedly support the thousands of current Triumph owners like you, as you pursue adventures on the water.

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