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Our Mission Is To Make The Ocean A Safer Place

17 Coghill Drive St

Currumbin, QLD 4223 Australia


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Year Established 1978

Home Of Tough Bladder Tanks For Boats & Aircraft

About Turtle-Pac

Turtle Pac was founded and the team is led by Laszlo Torok who has been involved in all aspects of inflatable manufacturing since 1978. A keen offshore sailor and scuba diver since 1974, Laszlo's life was changed when he barely escaped from the capsize of yacht "Hussar" during cyclone Lance in 1984. The experience prompted him to invent the world's first "Yacht Floatation System" in 1985. "To make the ocean a safer place" is not just a business motto, it is a mission. Laszlo remains a keen sailor having circumnavigated the world aboard his yacht from 1995-1999.


The company's strength is based on every team member understanding that: "Details Make The Difference". This strength is reinforced by the implementation of extremely strict quality controls at each stage of the design and manufacture of our wide range of products. Our products are all rigorously reinforced whether it be a 50 litre water tank or a 2.5 ton helicopter floatation bag.


Research and Development is continuous at Turtle-Pac. Various test aircraft were used over the last 20 years to test our products in actual conditions - both by ourselves and by our customers. We have found that the most demanding test laboratory is the ocean. "It shall survive or founder". Equally unforgiving is the Gibson Desert in Central Australia where expeditions have utilized our flexible tanks range. Turtle-Pac ensures that the quality of any item we supply will meet your expectations and that your delivery will arrive on time.


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