Prevent Algae, Barnacle & Weed Growth
Ultra-SoniTec, LLC

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About Us

Ultra-SoniTec, LLC is the exclusive North American and Caribbean licensee of CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems manufactured by GLOBAtech Australia. The ultrasonic antifouling system turns the boat’s hull into an ultrasonic surface, creating micro bubbles that kill micro fouling organisms (algae, marine bacteria, and diatoms) on the hull.

The recent ban on antifouling paint toxins, that made them effective against marine growth, has rendered the coatings largely ineffective and increased boat owners’ costs for maintenance, increased fuel consumption, and reduced the boat’s range. Just one millimeter of slime on a boat’s hull will increase the coefficient of friction by 75%!

From stem to stern, the cutting edge technology system protects the hull, running gear, sea chests, and raw water systems from the adverse effects of fouling.

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