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Marine Toilets - Vacuum Energy, Low-Flush Efficiency.
Vacuflush by Dometic



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Dometic VacuFlush® toilet systems are one of the most popular marine sanitation systems preferred by boat manufacturers & owners around the world. Optimized for pleasure boating in "no discharge" areas, VacuFlush technology uses vacuum energy & low-flush efficiency to clear the bowl instantly & propel effluent to the holding tank. This results in no odors, no clogs, & exceptionally low water consumption & power draw. The system also allows flexible bathroom placement & multiple toilets - a significant Dometic advantage.


In addition to toilets, Dometic offers all components for a complete VacuFlush system, including toilet controls, vacuum generators & pumps, vacuum holding tanks, standard holding tanks, VacuFlush status panels, & tank discharge & monitor systems.

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