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High quality pressure washing & roof cleaning for all of King & Pierce Counties. We have expertise in Roof Cleaning & Repair of Cedar Shake, Composition Asphalt Shingle, Tile, & Metal Moss Prevention Treatments (Up to 4 Years) for Cedar Shake, Composition Shingle, & Tile Concrete Cleaning of Buildings, Driveways, Walkways, & Patios. Pressure Washing of Brick, Decks, Fences, Siding & Gutters.


Baillie M.

Wes Wiley is a cheap asshole.
Reviewed by Baillie M. in Kent, Wa on 11/04/2022

There is definitely no hesitation stopping me short of saying how much of lying, theifing, asshole Wiley is. I rented a room from his house and he kicked me out after 3 weeks. Locked me out when I came home from work. I had to call the police just to get inside and get my things. I've been having car trouble with my 98 Mazda. So one night I asked for a ride to Seattle to deliver an old laptop I had that someone was interested in buying and after seattle he drove all the way to Bellevue saying he wanted to stop at an old customer's house to retrieve some equipment. I WARCHED HIM BREAK INTOBTHE GARAGE!!! After about 30 minutes he got back in his car with a backpack and pockets bulging acting as if nothing happened. Do not trust this man with any thing. He is a con, scamingpeople trying to squeeze as much out of society as he possible can to scrape by. He should never be considered for any job on thos planet, not even pressure washing.

John S.

Wiley's Roof Cleaning
Reviewed by John S. in Sammamish, Wa on 03/11/2019

WILEY'S PRESSURE WASHING WILL RIP YOU OFF AND THEY ALSO REFUSE TO STAND BEHIND THEIR WORK. I had them pressure wash my metal shake roof. They used the wrong type of hose while cleaning the roof and scraped the protective coating off the edges of about 25 of the shakes, leaving shiny, unprotected areas exposed. I called Wes Wiley, the owner, about 6 times, to explain the damage his guy had done to our roof. He would never pick up and answer the phone when I called, so I left several messages. He never once returned my calls. All I wanted him to do was come out and apply a protective paint that I had to buy myself, on the damaged areas. It would have taken him less than an hour to do the job. I got no response. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I ALSO FOUND OUT THAT HIS GUY LEFT AN ENTIRE AREA OF MY ROOF UNCLEANED. Shortly after Wiley's Pressure Washing "cleaned" my roof, I had a tree company come out and do some work in the trees in my back yard. While the guy was up in my trees doing his work, he noticed that there was an entire section of my roof that was left untouched and uncleaned. There was moss, leaves, and branches all over this area. The guy never touched this area because it couldn't be seen from the ground. WHAT A SLIME BALL. I FLAT OUT GOT RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WONDER HOW MANY OTHER CUSTOMERS WILEY'S PRESSURE WASHING HAS RIPPED OFF IN THE PAST. DON'T LET THEM DAMAGE YOUR ROOF OR RIP YOU OFF. DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR AND GO WITH ANOTHER PRESSURE WASHING COMPANY FOR YOUR ROOF CLEANING, OR YOU'LL BE SORRY TOO.

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