Prevent Freeze Damage To Your Boat
Xtreme Heaters

5322 Palmero Court, Ste 300

Buford, GA 30518


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About Xtreme Heaters

Xtreme Engine Compartment Heaters are designed specifically to keep your engine space safely above freezing temperature, without wasting energy heating the space to unnecessary levels. Our fixed thermostat is factory-set to turn on the Xtreme Heater at 40° Fahrenheit (+/-3°) and off at 50°F, keeping your bilge space safely in the high 30’s to mid 40’s despite below freezing temperatures outside.

The Xtreme Marine Engine Compartment Heater protects your boat's engines and other critical components from freeze damage.

Our bilge compartment heaters reduce your winterization costs and extend your boating season in one safe, small, and easy-to-install unit.

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