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When you’re done working at sea, there’s a lot to see and do in South Florida.

Yachty Rentals makes sure you don’t miss a thing. From cruising the beach with a scooter or Jeep®, to hitting the town in a car of your choice, we can provide exactly what you need at a price that won’t cramp your style.

Want to get going fast? We deliver to hotels, motels, yachts and crew houses within 10 miles of Fort Lauderdale.


Jessie S.

Pursuing a lawsuit with Yachty Rentals
Reviewed by Jessie S. in on 03/16/2017

I used Yachty Rentals for car storage for 4 months. When I returned my car had a huge dent on the passenger side door, the fuel tank was on E and I specifically remember leaving it full, also the seats, mirrors and radio were all changed as if someone had been driving my vehicle and actually wrecked it. I tried to deal with this all through Ray the owner in a professional simple matter by asking him to just pay for my insurance deductible and then that would be it. But he refused to pay the deductible and offered me $200.00 instead. The cost of the body work alone is going to be $3-$5K because I have the car wrapped in vinyl, so it all has to be removed first before any body work can be done. At this point I am pursuing a lawsuit with Yachty Rentals and will post the out come of this issue.

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