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Captain's Locker

194 N Marina Dr., Ste 100 Long Beach, CA 90803


About Captain's Locker

Captain's Locker is located in Long Beach, California, and caters to boaters throughout Southern California and beyond. We are one of the last true marine chandleries on the west coast, which means we not only carry an extensive line of boat & yacht equipment & supplies, but employ an experienced and knowledgable staff to advise, recommend, and guide you to the boating equipment you need. We're dealers for a variety of well respected marine brands and what we don't carry in stock, when can order quickly.

About Lifeline Batteries, Inc.

Manufactured entirely by hand, from start to finish and built to Military Specifications. As a family owned and operated US manufacturing facility, we take pride in all of our products. Our quality materials and craftsmanship put us on top in the AGM battery market. LifelineĀ® is a powerful name in the battery industry with world class performance and customer service. Our batteries are perfect for your boats and marine needs.

Lifeline Batteries have earned global recognition as the premium sealed AGM battery technology. Professionals from a multitude of industries have benefited first hand from the overwhelming success rate of our battery line. Lifeline Batteries are manufactured in West Covina, California by the Concorde Battery Corporation & is a US family owned & operated company. The Lifeline Battery technology is a direct spin off from Concorde's industry leading aerospace battery lines. All of these batteries satisfy the rigorous demands from many branches of the US Military & a host of industrial & private sector applications. (i.e. UL, ISO, Mil-Spec, USCG, DOT & MSDS.)


Clay L.
Excellant service
Reviewed by Clay L. in Huntington Beach, Ca on 05/01/2020

Captains Locker provides a valuable service to boat owners. Not only parts and supplies but how to recommendations in critical situations. We are fortunate to have them in the Alamitos Bay Marina and not have to run to Wilmington or San Pedro.

Response to Barbara's Review
Reviewed by K in Redlands, Ca on 04/30/2020

I'm sure Captain's Locker did not price gouge you. No business sets out to overcharge a customer and create the feelings you currently feel. As a parts manager myself I can tell you that prices change all the time. If they had an item in stock they could've paid a higher price at time of order which in return would make the retail price higher. They may also be set on a different pricing structure with their vendor. You may find the next part you are looking for to be cheaper. In the end it usually balances out. Don't cast them aside as your local parts dealer, just call around next time and price check your local shops.

Barbara R.
I used to recommend them
Reviewed by Barbara R. in San Pedro, Ca on 04/01/2020

I bought a Groco accumulator tank and they charged me $190 when everywhere else charges from $126 to $165. I should have asked when I ordered. Of all times to price gouge. I wanted to support local small businesses but not any more. That was waaay out of line Barbara


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