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Wayne Electric

1560 W. Anaheim St. Long Beach, CA 90813


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About Wayne Electric

Wayne Electric is located in Long Beach, CA & caters to the marine industry. We have been a fixture in the Long Beach & LA Harbor boating scene for decades providing sales, parts, service and repair of all aspects of boat & yacht electrical systems.  Our crew are experienced experts in their field and we're happy to help!

Wayne Electric specializes in marine starters & alternators.  We stock a large array of new and rebuilt marine starters & alternators and we are more than happy to repair your problem part to keep you boating.

About U.S. Battery Manufacturing Co.

U.S. Battery is the industry leader in manufacturing deep cycle batteries specifically for: marine, solar power, renewable energy, golf car batteries, wind power, energy storage, sweeper batteries, scrubber batteries, automotive, flooded battery, deep cycle batteries, agm , sealed batteries, and most other uses for deep cycle batteries. U.S. Battery has been building flooded lead acid batteries since 1928 and has always put quality before quantity since the day our first battery rolled off the assembly line. We stand behind our product now, then and in the future. You will not find a more family oriented battery manufacturing company anywhere in the USA.


Lloyd T.
Windlass Repair
Reviewed by Lloyd T. in Northridge, Ca on 04/23/2018

I recently took a "frozen" anchor windlass to Wayne Electric for repairs which the rep assured me they could handle. They were able to unfreeze the gears and shaft and get the unit working, but I needed to have the unit disassembled in order to reinstall it through the small opening available in my deck. I have returned the unit to Wayne Electric twice because they did not remove the corrosion which kept an extension collar from separating from the gear box, thus preventing reinstallation. I asked that the technician disassemble the unit and leave the collar free from the gear box so I could install it properly. However this was not done and the collar is still frozen to the gear box. Since I have already invested considerable time and money in this repair, I am getting ready to send it back for the fourth attempt to correct the problem. I do not recommend Wayne Electric for service on electric anchor windlasses. L.A. Turner

Newport N.
Marine Starter Experts
Reviewed by Newport N. in Newport Beach, CA on 08/28/2014

I couldn't be happier with the guys at Wayne Electric in Long Beach and the service I received for the electrical starting system for my boat (Skip Jack 24). They are marine starter & alternator specialists and only a 30 minute drive from Newport Beach or Huntington Beach. Well worth the drive.

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